Thursday, 20 December 2012

Jeffrey Campbells-Lita

I was so excited to receive my Jeffrey Campbells today!! I ordered the Lita Taupe Suede pair, and I was so scared the shoes would have to be returned. So with as much enthusiasm as a little kid opening their present from Santa ( this is actually a 'Christmas present' for myself) I tore open the wrapping, and put the shoes on. I'm going difficult times at the moment and it brought me out of the grey a little.

Below is a link to web if you want to have a browse at their other styles:

They are probably the comfiest platforms I have ever tried on! Ok so I haven't wore them outdoors yet, but so far on flat ground, I am impressed with the comfort. It's true that the ankle part was a little big, so thick ankle socks might help. But overall I am glad with the purchase. I will update with more pics later :)

Merry christmas!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


To maintain flawless skin, work needs to be done on the outside as well as the inside. When I say work on the inside, I'm referring to small lifestyle habits like eating fruit and veg to boost nutrients inside your body. Meanwhile, taking supplements such as multivitamins etc will help further the effects. A lot of people don't realize that you really do become what you eat. So try to maintain a healthy intake of water, vegetables and fruit.

Some supplements explained:

Hair, nail, skin care supplements should improve the strength of nails and hair, making them less prone to breakage. While skin should become more smooth and less brittle.

Collagen supplements renews dead cells in our body, it improves skin elasticity as well as pumps out sunken skin.

HTP tablets helps with sleeping, it can also aid weight loss by improving sleeping patterns.

For those living in the UK, supplement can be purchased from:
They usually do a range of offers so it's worth having a look.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nail Art- Autumn Trend ( Better View)

Coloured Hair

I dyed my hair again, but this time I had to dye it twice because first time had too many patchy, ginger looking colours all over my head.

This is my colour ( I was shopping and I wanted to see the effect store lighting had)

New hair colour- achieved without bleaching
The colour is very bright, compared to the effect of just one dye. I suppose it's less damaging because I don't bleach it. Nevertheless, my hair is extremely dry.

I am currently looking for good shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, so far I bought some Khiel's olive  oil shampoo and conditioner. I am also waiting for my Moroccanoil to arrive,as some deep treatment is needed.

Nail Art Tutorial- Autumn Mood

Hey guys so I tried out the ombre nail art you use with the sponge. And I added my own little touch with a layer of glitter nail polish as well as sequins.

It does look very dramatic, but I never aim for subtle nails. I think if you take the effort to do you nails, why not make it fun and go the extra mile?

I chose 3 colours initially, a purple, metallic, and a clear pink glitter one. It is better to have a base coat, I chose a black colour,  and carried out the 'dabbing' (stamping? you get the idea) over it. When dried, I painted the glitter polish over it again, giving it a subtle tint. Next I used a sequince nail polish over the top part of the nail two times ( waiting for first layer to dry before painting) , this is so that I get maximum cluster of sequins.

I will be uploading a video soon so hope that helps :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hey guys please follow my blog!!

Photo Bomb

I thought I would make a effort with my makeup this time! I apologise in advance for the photo bomb that's going to take place.

Being the lazy person that I am, I usually don't go out with circle lenses or eyelid tape. In fact this is the first time I'm trying out eyelid tape. I do have double eyelids but its the inner double type- meaning you can't see it from far away.

I think the eye enlarging effect is pretty good, but I wouldn't recommend doing the whole routine everyday. And of course the eye lid tape is pretty obvious, especially when you blink, covering with eyeshadow will only camouflage its appearance slightly. So be warned!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Mission In Life

We should be thankful for every breath we take, we are alive because God believes we are valuable,

 and that we have a purpose. He breathes life into us because we are all destined for greatness. 

Everyone has a mission in life, God will guide you unto your path. But you have to be the one who 

strives for it.

No one has a empty life, you just haven't found your purpose yet. 

This is only the start of your journey :) Don't waste God's faith in you!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kpop Girl Crushes

My list of Kpop girl crushes-  just for fun! ( Please note these pictures are not mine, and this is just my personal views :) )
  • Goo Hara ( Kara)
 She has often been labelled with 'elementary school kid's body' but I think Goo Hara has such a perfect waist. I mean everything is just so toned and flat! In fact, all of Kara members have the perfect waistline, which I can only assume is due to their diet plans and regular exercises routine. Her adorable personality makes her my favourite Kara member.

  • Tiffany ( Girls Generation)
 I feel like Tiffany, along with the rest of Girls Generation have become even more pretty with time. After watching ' Girls Go To Shool' Tiffany has become one of favourites with her personality and determination. I was really impressed with all the member's preserverance. Some people may not realise the hard work they put in to become where they are now.

  • Sunhwa ( Secret)
She's such a sweet and elegant girl. I like Secret a lot too but I only knew Secret through her at first. Her personality is also very different to what you expect from her, which makes me like her just alittle more.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No Pain No Gain

So I used the blackhead extractor for the first time

Blackhead extractor/ Tear producing device
And my gosh was is painful. My nose was very red and painful afterwards. I couldn't see the results immediately, but after the redness has faded a little, I could see  a lot of my blackheads are gone. My blackheads were never severe to begin with, but I was tired of using blackhead scrubs, and this just produced results a lot faster.

I bought mine from Boots, but I think you can also purchase from amazon. I suggest the Tweezerman make, because it is really good quality.

Process of blackhead extraction: ( warning- cases of infection can occur if you are not careful!)
1.  Wash face using warm water and a facial scrub. This will open your pores.

2. Pat dry. And apply disinfectant/ antiseptic to extraction area. Also wipe the longer end of the device so that no dirt is transferred.

3.Now press hard on the area until dirt start to exude from the pores. This part will be painful, so be mentally prepared.

4. Every time you extract, try to wipe your nose and device with disinfectant/antiseptic to decrease chances of infection.

5. After the extraction has finished, wipe area with antiseptic/ disinfectant as well as device.

6. Apply toner to face in order to minimise pore size. And apply cream to whole face.

It takes awhile for the redness to calm down, so I suggest don't do this before leaving the house. Unless you want to be mistaken for Rudolph... My redness actually went away the next day so be warned.

It is best to carry out extraction a minimum interval of one month. The longer the interval the better. But of course the frequency depends on your condition.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Discovery World

As a sufferer of frequent runny nose, I always have a sore nose tip. Ontop of this, I accidentally scrubbed too hard with my face sponge yesterday. So when I saw the Balm,  I thought I would give it a go. At this point, my nose was pretty painful. The pain went away after applying it, it also meant to help to moisturise dry skin. It's good but it's not a miracle worker, so I'd say it's on the same level as Vaseline. Considering it's really just petroleum, I was expecting a little more, maybe calming affects etc but for £1.29 I think it will be handy during winter.
Kleenex Balm

Most people's beauty woes consist of acne, blackheads, blemishes, dry skin etc, so after hearing about  a definite way to get rid of blackheads, I jumped on this magical device bandwagon, It's actually a torture looking device by Tweezerman, with double ended loops. Using the longer side, pressing hard on areas with blackheads, the gunk will come out. I still have yet to try this. It's advised before using the product, you should have open pores ( from hot towels pressing on area, or hot shower etc) in order to maximise efficiency. All I am wishing for is that the blackheads will come out!
Tweezerman Blackhead Remover

Review on blackhead remover to be continued ...

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fashion Love- Maxi dresses, fur collars, peplum jackets

Currently loving : Maxi dresses, Fur collars, Peplum jackets

Okay I know I caught on a little late, but I am sooo in love with maxi dresses at the moment. I think I only realised their 'greatness' now is because I just didn't like most of the designs I saw. Most of the styles on the high street are either empire wasted or the fitted tank type. Both styles I tried on, and both were not flattering.

Realistically, I don't have a supermodels body, so there is a constant danger of clothes clinging at the wrong places. So I never really got into the maxi dress trend. I used to always pick above knee dress or skirts, in the hope that my legs seem longer.

British summer has always been a gamble, and this year it seems particularly cold and wet. I have yet to take my summer cloths out for a spin. The reason I am now so obsessed with maxi dresses is not only the amazing alternative styles I just discovered, but also the new found convenience of not having to wear leggings underneath. Yes guys, I'm still wearing leggings during summer!

These are the super gorgeous dresses I discovered online:



Gathered-Waist Off-Shoulder Chiffon Long Dress
The pretty details and colour makes the dress so fairytale like and light. It is so different to all the dresses on the high street. I always think asian clothes have more cuteness about them. When it gets chillier, you can always throw a chic biker jacket over it to balance out.


SO Central

Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress (Belt not Included)

 The dress doesn't come with the necklace or belt. But I find the style itself very unique and very chic. I like the whole idea of the dress billowing behind whilst you walk. Actually, I love dresses with splits.-this is probably my second current fashion obsession. ( I have strange fashion obsessions haha )  The colour and style is versatile. You can add a pop or colour to it with a bright coloured bag or lipstick. For casual wear, pairing it with sandals makes it look more laid back. For dinner/ evening wear, you can always wear your hair up, add some dazzling earrings and wear high heels.

I just find that online clothing retailers have so much more alternatives, and I like to look different fashion wise. Sometimes, online shopping really is the better option for clothes shopping. Just be careful to not over spend!!

My style is forever evolving, and right not I ', drawn to the grown up, chic look mixed with cutesy, pretty elements.

Another of my current obsession, is detachable faux fur collars. It reminds me of glamorous, vintage movies, with perfectly coiffed hair heroines, with red lipstick and sky high heels, wrapped in luxurious fur.  In modern times, I would like to think fur collars are the closest alternative.

You can simply wrap the fur over a coat or cardigan, it keeps you warm as well as look glamorous.

Pieces Fane Faux Fur Collar

I think this one from asos is very versatile and snugly. Perfect for the oncoming colder months.

Another item I would like to talk about is the peplum jacket. The stlye again is very vintage, when I look at it, I think of the ultimate, beautiful , modern power woman.

They accentuate your curves, and hide what you don't want others to see. I think they looks perfect with everything. Surely a must in everyones wardrobe!

ASOS Peplum Hem Jacket
For me, I think it's always important to highlight your best features. Remember clothes can sometimes make a huge difference. By buying clothes that suite your body shape and not because everyones else's wearing them is the first step forward.

Please share your thoughts below :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Importance of groomed eyebrows

Strong brows are part of the new Fall trend, spotted on many a catwalks. It fits in perfectly with the stronger woman image! By shaping and grooming your eyebrows can add a lot to your appearance. Emphasising them using eyebrow pencil, eyebrow/ eye shadow, and eyebrow gel can really make a difference.

Before eyebrow grooming
For me, I think it gives the illusion of larger eyes, which is very important for me.

The best way to achieve natural, yet defined brows is to try fill in with eyebrow shadow or eyeshadow. DO NOT choose black, either a murky colour you use for contouring or a brown eye shadow will. Using a angled brush, fill in from outwards( hairline) inwards. This means the inner brows will have less colour, which looks more natural. Now hold the hairs in place by slightly brushing with eyebrow gel. I suggest a browny, reddy gel.

Everyday Brows
If you are after a more defined look, use concealer to first shape the area underneath and above your brows. It will make the lines sharper. Then using a eyebrow pencil, starting filling inwards.

Remember aways to start light because less is more.

I think it gives a overall stronger look in general.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty LOVE

Having seen many a korean celebs using pretty, feminine hand held mirrors, I instantly liked the idea. The idea of handheld mirrors is so kitsch and retro. I came across the 'sold out' Anna Sui, black handheld mirror.

The whole design is so pretty, so glam. The size is also travel perfect. I wish they were still instock.

Another I came across was on Stylenanda. This is my favourite retailer at the moment. Their models look fabulous, their products look fabulous, everything looks fabulous. I am in love with the whole site.

I would say Stylenanada is my inspiration at the moment for makeup, looks and attitude to things.

Unfortunately I am still looking for my perfect handheld mirror. Will update as soon as I find the perfect one!

Another new product I will be trying is the double eye lid tape. I do have double eyelids, it's just they are very near to my eyelashes, so they're not obvious. Previously, I didn't want to use them due to the sticky nature, and horror storries about saggy eye lids after using them. But I think it's time for me to give them a try. Will review them as soon as I  recieve them :)

Flawless Foundation

Woman like to have the perfect base set, because having flawless skin can bring confidence. If unfortunately like me, you have a few stubborn blemishes that you would love to cover then read down for the perfect coverage.

Now everyone has different areas they would like to cover, but I think the main problem areas are : acne, scars and bags under eyes. I will also include the .... PERFECT BASE!

PLEASE remember to thoroughly remove makeup before bed! Or ever better, take it off as soon you get home. Minimise the damage makeup chemicals do to your skin, let your skin breath once in a while.

For acne:

It is best you try to cover your skin with as little makeup as possible. By clogging more pores or perhaps inflaming the acne will not help. Try use only dot on concealer on specific areas rather than cover the whole face. For camouflaging, I use benefit's Boi-ing Concealer. Using my fingers I dab a little unto the area. Benefit markets is as 'indsutrial strength' so it does cover up pretty much anything. This is also PERFECT for under eye bags or any discolouration.

 However, if acne is wide spread then cover with tinted moisturiser or lighter foundation. A perfect light weight foundation I discovered is the Maybelline Mineral Finish. It feels super light and doesn't clog pores.

For Scarring:

It is better to use concealer or tinted moisturiser underneath foundation,  for that extra coverage. I use the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser because it contains SPF and doesn't feel too thick on my skin. Using primer first will also smooth out the skin, for a less bumpy effect when foundation is applied on top.

For Under Eye Bags:

Do this after you finish your entire eye makeup.

Try picking a strong concealer close to your skin colour colour. There is no need for foundation, you only need coverage for under your eyes. Use a concealer brush or your fingers ( which ever you find blends better) then lightly dab underneath your eyes. And blend outwards towards your hairline. Use a powder next to set the concealer because you don't want creasing to occur throughout the day.

And lastly, that perfect base:

A lot of girls like to have perhaps a smaller, or more defined face. This can definitely be achieved through clever use of contouring and base. Firstly, you should have 2 close colours of foundation. One darker than the other. Dot the dark colour onto your face first, around the outside of your face. Then add the lighter colour towards the centre of your face, thoroughly blend both colours keeping the darker tone on the outside. This means the light will focus on the centre of your face which is lighter. Creating a illusion of a thinner face. If contouring, use a murky coloured blusher ( or a brown eyeshadow will do) lightly dust along just underneath cheekbones. Add highlighter to the top of the cheekbones and along your temples up to your browbones in a C shape. Contouring can be done on both sides of the forehead and nose too.

Please share your thoughts by commenting below!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sweeps Like A Dream

FINALLY! I bought the long awaited BOBBI BROWN brushes!

The set includes a lip brush, foundation brush (much needed) and a eye shadow brush. A cosmetic bag also came in the box.

These brushes should be the basics, if you don't want to invest in too much brushes. I usually apply my foundation with just my fingers, because it warms the foundation a little, making it easier to blend. However, I find the coverage uneven sometimes, so I thought I would apply with a brush first and then dab with fingers.

The set retails for around £60. BUT, I bought it for £30!! There's a amazing shop called the cosmetic company which sells Bobbi Brown, MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder etc and everything is at a reduced price. Makeups from seasons past can be bought here, as well as skincare and perfume. If you live near one of the stores , why not give them a visit. You don't know what you will find.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Shoes obsession - Take 2

I don't know if it's just me, but I have a tendcy to get millions of blisters after walking. Most of the shoes I tried are just so painful to wear. As a university student walking around is essential. So I first decided to invest in some casual walking shoes.

After many hours of research/thinking ( I'm very indecisive) I decided to purchase TOMS. I bought the pink!

They are very well known due to their policy of donating a pair of shoes to those in need when you purchase one.

They only came in the mail yesterday so I have yet to walk around in them. The thing is they start off very snug, but I think with wear they stretch out a little.

Wish these are comfy!

Shoes obesession

I have a sudden shoes fever! Some of my heels I wear for clubbing are unfortunately near the end of their life. There is a tendency for crazy drunk people to pour alcohol all over the floor and all over the person next to them. Luckily, only my shoes so far have taken the hit. Sometimes they an rescued with the almighty makeup wipe ( a trick I learnt at uni, makeup wipes can clean everything....usually) but the messy stains and sticky grunge on the sole can't be ignored further.

I am now in major need of new shoes!! I do have a amazing backup pair from china but these feel ultra painful after 10 minutes of wear. I think these are only good forr looking at!

At the moment I have my eyes on Jeffery Campbells. Their extravagant, original designs and fairly reasonable price are favourites amongst the fashion pack.

Two I really have taken a interest in :

Add a little colour into your summer wardrobe. They can be paired with anything from jeans, skirt, shorts etc. And wedges are usually more comfy.
(Image from )

Another I quite like is

 Spikes are so edgy, although potentially dangerous if you accidentally back into someone. I guess no pain no gain!
( Image from  )

Please read next blog!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Thinking Corner- 亲人









Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Thinking Corner- you are not alone

Everyone has their story, everyone wears masks. Sometimes it's difficult to let those close to you see the real you. It may be you don't want them to worry, or that you think they will see you differently. I know I for one use another persona to cover the real problems. Of course its always better to let it out.

But- what if you can't? Sometimes the problem can be very severe, or difficult to understand.

Joining a community/forum which deals with the specific issue helps because these are people experiencing the same problems as you. Believe me, talking to people will always make you feel better.

If you just want to discuss something, anything ,  feel free to comment here anonymously or message me :)

GUYS it's time to turn that frown upside down!!


Monday, 6 August 2012


I've been having a tough time recently, but this video reaalllyyy made me laugh. PSY is a comedy genius! His compilation of poker straight face, lyrics and hilarious dance moves makes the MV very enjoyable to watch. This is the first time I've seen a PSY MV but I can tell why he's such a famous artist now. The guy who can bring the laughter- Carry on the good work!

Keeping Moving Forward

Life is often compared to a roller coaster, you experience the thrilling blissful highs as well as the depressive pessimistic lows.

One low roller coaster bend happened to me recently. And it only made me realise how I shouldn't taken everything for granted. Yes the this 'dip' was life changing. I honestly don't think I'm the same person anymore. I feel more grown up and more aware.

Now, I am so much more determined to make most of life and this mysterious roller coaster ride. After all, what is there to be afraid of? The seat harness will never let you fall. So don't be afraid to become the person you've always wanted to be.  Let your light shine!

Good Luck!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Thank god it's friday tips !


Weight Loss

A lot of girls are using unhealthy means to lose weight fast, such as diet pills, starvation and even resorting to throwing up food. Of course you would get lighter!That's what you want right?

BUT your body would have been severely damaged in the process. Your hormones disrupted. Fainting and blackouts could occur. Punishing your body is not the way forward!

Instead, eat healthily and exercise! I know you hear it a lot, but cutting down sugar, fatty oil etc in food WILL get you closer to a leaner body. Slow weight loss would mean the weight is off for a longer period than say crash dieting. You want to lose that weight for a lifetime, not to lose the weight through extreme means and then regain the weight a short while later.

Dieters should also be weary dieting without exercise will only result in muscle loss, not necessarily fat loss. So try to incorporate exercise into your plan if you haven't done so already.

Good luck girls!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Dream Hair

Even from a young age, I always loved having long hair. So 2 years ago, I started on the difficult journey of growing out my hair. After what seemed like forever, it's now chest length!

However due to the chemicals I have used on my hair, it is not in a healthy state. Even after getting the ends trimmed off, my ends would still be dry, brittle and splitting. I was pretty embarrassed by how bad the condition of my hair was, so I started to search for conditioning hair creams. I have tried:
  • Deep conditioning creams ( Toni and Guy, Aussie)
  • Leave in conditioners the spray type (Aussie)
  • Olive oil
  • Serum ( L'oreal colour protect)
Though the deep conditioners made my hair feel softer, it didn't completely eliminate the brittle problem. The hairdresser told me it's because of the length, but still, I feel like my hair shouldn't be so brittle and difficult to brush.

On lazy days , I would use my regular conditioner and spray in the leave in conditioner. My hair did become easier to brush, but it was still dry a day later.

Olive oil was a hassle to use, and it left my hair slightly flat and oily when dry. But its a cheap hair treatment, and it can be left applied as a normal deep conditioner. If hair needs nourishment, this is the product to use. I apply it before shampoo, so that the oil is mostly washed off. I guess any preference of use is fine.

Only recently did I start to use the serum. I know it's better to apply as little product to your hair as possible, because product loaded hair equals unhappy hair. But due to lack of alternatives, I started using the serum on wet hair. It probably works better on blow dried hair, but I let it dry naturally after applying. The smell is amazing and my hair is much more conditioned! Finally something that works! Although the slight downside is limp hair. So I guess it can't be used too regularly if you don't want that flat look. Still, the L'oreal serum goes a long way,I only use 4 squirts each time!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Healthy, Happy Skin!

When you see a girl with perfect hair, figure or skin you think 'Wow!I wish I had that!!' I never realised until now the sheer effort, time and hard work needed to achieve near perfection. It's true that when a girl looks good, they would have put in a lot of effort to achieve it. I've never really had the time to maintain a good skin care routine. Now, studying at university has increased my laziness in skin care routine, acne started appearing, skin started to dry, and on more than one occasion I was informed of the deterioration of the appearance of my skin.

Furthermore with the Asian indoctrination of 'blemish free white skin equals beauty' its hard to maintain the pure, untainted skin of those in glossy advertisements

SO after a stay in Manchester, I would like to think my 'maintanence' routine has now changed for the better. I still get the few annoying acne appearing, but I guess not as flagrant as before. I'm hoping with continued care my skin can return to its old state. Also, very happy to be introduced to Bobbi Brown, their skin care products seem nourishing and light. With blemish prone skin, it is very difficult to find the right level of hydration, care and oil control. Although I am only using their foundation, oil cleanser and tinted moisturiser at the moment, I cannot wait to try their moistrising gel and face tonic.

My daily routine now consists of cleasing and removing makeup, applying tonic with wool cotton pad, then messaging the gel cream in. The routine leaves a lasting refreshing feeling, and my skin feels thoroughly clean. However I do get a tingly feeling with the moistrising gel which I'm not sure is due to the strong nature of the product, or that it means the product is working.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

So Uni has finally ended and I'm finding it difficult to make use of the free time. Now I miss the sun and the amazing weather we've enjoyed for 2 weeks. I feel like time has gone too fast, I want to grasp the trailing tail of thissummer, but most of all,  I want to go back to starbucks happy hour!!

Think I'm going to miss being a fresher ...

Going to miss everyone so much! Hope everything stays as it should when we go back