Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No Pain No Gain

So I used the blackhead extractor for the first time

Blackhead extractor/ Tear producing device
And my gosh was is painful. My nose was very red and painful afterwards. I couldn't see the results immediately, but after the redness has faded a little, I could see  a lot of my blackheads are gone. My blackheads were never severe to begin with, but I was tired of using blackhead scrubs, and this just produced results a lot faster.

I bought mine from Boots, but I think you can also purchase from amazon. I suggest the Tweezerman make, because it is really good quality.

Process of blackhead extraction: ( warning- cases of infection can occur if you are not careful!)
1.  Wash face using warm water and a facial scrub. This will open your pores.

2. Pat dry. And apply disinfectant/ antiseptic to extraction area. Also wipe the longer end of the device so that no dirt is transferred.

3.Now press hard on the area until dirt start to exude from the pores. This part will be painful, so be mentally prepared.

4. Every time you extract, try to wipe your nose and device with disinfectant/antiseptic to decrease chances of infection.

5. After the extraction has finished, wipe area with antiseptic/ disinfectant as well as device.

6. Apply toner to face in order to minimise pore size. And apply cream to whole face.

It takes awhile for the redness to calm down, so I suggest don't do this before leaving the house. Unless you want to be mistaken for Rudolph... My redness actually went away the next day so be warned.

It is best to carry out extraction a minimum interval of one month. The longer the interval the better. But of course the frequency depends on your condition.

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