Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flawless Foundation

Woman like to have the perfect base set, because having flawless skin can bring confidence. If unfortunately like me, you have a few stubborn blemishes that you would love to cover then read down for the perfect coverage.

Now everyone has different areas they would like to cover, but I think the main problem areas are : acne, scars and bags under eyes. I will also include the .... PERFECT BASE!

PLEASE remember to thoroughly remove makeup before bed! Or ever better, take it off as soon you get home. Minimise the damage makeup chemicals do to your skin, let your skin breath once in a while.

For acne:

It is best you try to cover your skin with as little makeup as possible. By clogging more pores or perhaps inflaming the acne will not help. Try use only dot on concealer on specific areas rather than cover the whole face. For camouflaging, I use benefit's Boi-ing Concealer. Using my fingers I dab a little unto the area. Benefit markets is as 'indsutrial strength' so it does cover up pretty much anything. This is also PERFECT for under eye bags or any discolouration.

 However, if acne is wide spread then cover with tinted moisturiser or lighter foundation. A perfect light weight foundation I discovered is the Maybelline Mineral Finish. It feels super light and doesn't clog pores.

For Scarring:

It is better to use concealer or tinted moisturiser underneath foundation,  for that extra coverage. I use the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser because it contains SPF and doesn't feel too thick on my skin. Using primer first will also smooth out the skin, for a less bumpy effect when foundation is applied on top.

For Under Eye Bags:

Do this after you finish your entire eye makeup.

Try picking a strong concealer close to your skin colour colour. There is no need for foundation, you only need coverage for under your eyes. Use a concealer brush or your fingers ( which ever you find blends better) then lightly dab underneath your eyes. And blend outwards towards your hairline. Use a powder next to set the concealer because you don't want creasing to occur throughout the day.

And lastly, that perfect base:

A lot of girls like to have perhaps a smaller, or more defined face. This can definitely be achieved through clever use of contouring and base. Firstly, you should have 2 close colours of foundation. One darker than the other. Dot the dark colour onto your face first, around the outside of your face. Then add the lighter colour towards the centre of your face, thoroughly blend both colours keeping the darker tone on the outside. This means the light will focus on the centre of your face which is lighter. Creating a illusion of a thinner face. If contouring, use a murky coloured blusher ( or a brown eyeshadow will do) lightly dust along just underneath cheekbones. Add highlighter to the top of the cheekbones and along your temples up to your browbones in a C shape. Contouring can be done on both sides of the forehead and nose too.

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