Monday, 16 July 2012

Dream Hair

Even from a young age, I always loved having long hair. So 2 years ago, I started on the difficult journey of growing out my hair. After what seemed like forever, it's now chest length!

However due to the chemicals I have used on my hair, it is not in a healthy state. Even after getting the ends trimmed off, my ends would still be dry, brittle and splitting. I was pretty embarrassed by how bad the condition of my hair was, so I started to search for conditioning hair creams. I have tried:
  • Deep conditioning creams ( Toni and Guy, Aussie)
  • Leave in conditioners the spray type (Aussie)
  • Olive oil
  • Serum ( L'oreal colour protect)
Though the deep conditioners made my hair feel softer, it didn't completely eliminate the brittle problem. The hairdresser told me it's because of the length, but still, I feel like my hair shouldn't be so brittle and difficult to brush.

On lazy days , I would use my regular conditioner and spray in the leave in conditioner. My hair did become easier to brush, but it was still dry a day later.

Olive oil was a hassle to use, and it left my hair slightly flat and oily when dry. But its a cheap hair treatment, and it can be left applied as a normal deep conditioner. If hair needs nourishment, this is the product to use. I apply it before shampoo, so that the oil is mostly washed off. I guess any preference of use is fine.

Only recently did I start to use the serum. I know it's better to apply as little product to your hair as possible, because product loaded hair equals unhappy hair. But due to lack of alternatives, I started using the serum on wet hair. It probably works better on blow dried hair, but I let it dry naturally after applying. The smell is amazing and my hair is much more conditioned! Finally something that works! Although the slight downside is limp hair. So I guess it can't be used too regularly if you don't want that flat look. Still, the L'oreal serum goes a long way,I only use 4 squirts each time!

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