Friday, 20 July 2012

Thank god it's friday tips !


Weight Loss

A lot of girls are using unhealthy means to lose weight fast, such as diet pills, starvation and even resorting to throwing up food. Of course you would get lighter!That's what you want right?

BUT your body would have been severely damaged in the process. Your hormones disrupted. Fainting and blackouts could occur. Punishing your body is not the way forward!

Instead, eat healthily and exercise! I know you hear it a lot, but cutting down sugar, fatty oil etc in food WILL get you closer to a leaner body. Slow weight loss would mean the weight is off for a longer period than say crash dieting. You want to lose that weight for a lifetime, not to lose the weight through extreme means and then regain the weight a short while later.

Dieters should also be weary dieting without exercise will only result in muscle loss, not necessarily fat loss. So try to incorporate exercise into your plan if you haven't done so already.

Good luck girls!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Dream Hair

Even from a young age, I always loved having long hair. So 2 years ago, I started on the difficult journey of growing out my hair. After what seemed like forever, it's now chest length!

However due to the chemicals I have used on my hair, it is not in a healthy state. Even after getting the ends trimmed off, my ends would still be dry, brittle and splitting. I was pretty embarrassed by how bad the condition of my hair was, so I started to search for conditioning hair creams. I have tried:
  • Deep conditioning creams ( Toni and Guy, Aussie)
  • Leave in conditioners the spray type (Aussie)
  • Olive oil
  • Serum ( L'oreal colour protect)
Though the deep conditioners made my hair feel softer, it didn't completely eliminate the brittle problem. The hairdresser told me it's because of the length, but still, I feel like my hair shouldn't be so brittle and difficult to brush.

On lazy days , I would use my regular conditioner and spray in the leave in conditioner. My hair did become easier to brush, but it was still dry a day later.

Olive oil was a hassle to use, and it left my hair slightly flat and oily when dry. But its a cheap hair treatment, and it can be left applied as a normal deep conditioner. If hair needs nourishment, this is the product to use. I apply it before shampoo, so that the oil is mostly washed off. I guess any preference of use is fine.

Only recently did I start to use the serum. I know it's better to apply as little product to your hair as possible, because product loaded hair equals unhappy hair. But due to lack of alternatives, I started using the serum on wet hair. It probably works better on blow dried hair, but I let it dry naturally after applying. The smell is amazing and my hair is much more conditioned! Finally something that works! Although the slight downside is limp hair. So I guess it can't be used too regularly if you don't want that flat look. Still, the L'oreal serum goes a long way,I only use 4 squirts each time!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Healthy, Happy Skin!

When you see a girl with perfect hair, figure or skin you think 'Wow!I wish I had that!!' I never realised until now the sheer effort, time and hard work needed to achieve near perfection. It's true that when a girl looks good, they would have put in a lot of effort to achieve it. I've never really had the time to maintain a good skin care routine. Now, studying at university has increased my laziness in skin care routine, acne started appearing, skin started to dry, and on more than one occasion I was informed of the deterioration of the appearance of my skin.

Furthermore with the Asian indoctrination of 'blemish free white skin equals beauty' its hard to maintain the pure, untainted skin of those in glossy advertisements

SO after a stay in Manchester, I would like to think my 'maintanence' routine has now changed for the better. I still get the few annoying acne appearing, but I guess not as flagrant as before. I'm hoping with continued care my skin can return to its old state. Also, very happy to be introduced to Bobbi Brown, their skin care products seem nourishing and light. With blemish prone skin, it is very difficult to find the right level of hydration, care and oil control. Although I am only using their foundation, oil cleanser and tinted moisturiser at the moment, I cannot wait to try their moistrising gel and face tonic.

My daily routine now consists of cleasing and removing makeup, applying tonic with wool cotton pad, then messaging the gel cream in. The routine leaves a lasting refreshing feeling, and my skin feels thoroughly clean. However I do get a tingly feeling with the moistrising gel which I'm not sure is due to the strong nature of the product, or that it means the product is working.