Sunday, 2 September 2012

Discovery World

As a sufferer of frequent runny nose, I always have a sore nose tip. Ontop of this, I accidentally scrubbed too hard with my face sponge yesterday. So when I saw the Balm,  I thought I would give it a go. At this point, my nose was pretty painful. The pain went away after applying it, it also meant to help to moisturise dry skin. It's good but it's not a miracle worker, so I'd say it's on the same level as Vaseline. Considering it's really just petroleum, I was expecting a little more, maybe calming affects etc but for £1.29 I think it will be handy during winter.
Kleenex Balm

Most people's beauty woes consist of acne, blackheads, blemishes, dry skin etc, so after hearing about  a definite way to get rid of blackheads, I jumped on this magical device bandwagon, It's actually a torture looking device by Tweezerman, with double ended loops. Using the longer side, pressing hard on areas with blackheads, the gunk will come out. I still have yet to try this. It's advised before using the product, you should have open pores ( from hot towels pressing on area, or hot shower etc) in order to maximise efficiency. All I am wishing for is that the blackheads will come out!
Tweezerman Blackhead Remover

Review on blackhead remover to be continued ...

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