Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fashion Love- Maxi dresses, fur collars, peplum jackets

Currently loving : Maxi dresses, Fur collars, Peplum jackets

Okay I know I caught on a little late, but I am sooo in love with maxi dresses at the moment. I think I only realised their 'greatness' now is because I just didn't like most of the designs I saw. Most of the styles on the high street are either empire wasted or the fitted tank type. Both styles I tried on, and both were not flattering.

Realistically, I don't have a supermodels body, so there is a constant danger of clothes clinging at the wrong places. So I never really got into the maxi dress trend. I used to always pick above knee dress or skirts, in the hope that my legs seem longer.

British summer has always been a gamble, and this year it seems particularly cold and wet. I have yet to take my summer cloths out for a spin. The reason I am now so obsessed with maxi dresses is not only the amazing alternative styles I just discovered, but also the new found convenience of not having to wear leggings underneath. Yes guys, I'm still wearing leggings during summer!

These are the super gorgeous dresses I discovered online:



Gathered-Waist Off-Shoulder Chiffon Long Dress
The pretty details and colour makes the dress so fairytale like and light. It is so different to all the dresses on the high street. I always think asian clothes have more cuteness about them. When it gets chillier, you can always throw a chic biker jacket over it to balance out.


SO Central

Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress (Belt not Included)

 The dress doesn't come with the necklace or belt. But I find the style itself very unique and very chic. I like the whole idea of the dress billowing behind whilst you walk. Actually, I love dresses with splits.-this is probably my second current fashion obsession. ( I have strange fashion obsessions haha )  The colour and style is versatile. You can add a pop or colour to it with a bright coloured bag or lipstick. For casual wear, pairing it with sandals makes it look more laid back. For dinner/ evening wear, you can always wear your hair up, add some dazzling earrings and wear high heels.

I just find that online clothing retailers have so much more alternatives, and I like to look different fashion wise. Sometimes, online shopping really is the better option for clothes shopping. Just be careful to not over spend!!

My style is forever evolving, and right not I ', drawn to the grown up, chic look mixed with cutesy, pretty elements.

Another of my current obsession, is detachable faux fur collars. It reminds me of glamorous, vintage movies, with perfectly coiffed hair heroines, with red lipstick and sky high heels, wrapped in luxurious fur.  In modern times, I would like to think fur collars are the closest alternative.

You can simply wrap the fur over a coat or cardigan, it keeps you warm as well as look glamorous.

Pieces Fane Faux Fur Collar

I think this one from asos is very versatile and snugly. Perfect for the oncoming colder months.

Another item I would like to talk about is the peplum jacket. The stlye again is very vintage, when I look at it, I think of the ultimate, beautiful , modern power woman.

They accentuate your curves, and hide what you don't want others to see. I think they looks perfect with everything. Surely a must in everyones wardrobe!

ASOS Peplum Hem Jacket
For me, I think it's always important to highlight your best features. Remember clothes can sometimes make a huge difference. By buying clothes that suite your body shape and not because everyones else's wearing them is the first step forward.

Please share your thoughts below :)

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