Friday, 17 August 2012

Shoes obesession

I have a sudden shoes fever! Some of my heels I wear for clubbing are unfortunately near the end of their life. There is a tendency for crazy drunk people to pour alcohol all over the floor and all over the person next to them. Luckily, only my shoes so far have taken the hit. Sometimes they an rescued with the almighty makeup wipe ( a trick I learnt at uni, makeup wipes can clean everything....usually) but the messy stains and sticky grunge on the sole can't be ignored further.

I am now in major need of new shoes!! I do have a amazing backup pair from china but these feel ultra painful after 10 minutes of wear. I think these are only good forr looking at!

At the moment I have my eyes on Jeffery Campbells. Their extravagant, original designs and fairly reasonable price are favourites amongst the fashion pack.

Two I really have taken a interest in :

Add a little colour into your summer wardrobe. They can be paired with anything from jeans, skirt, shorts etc. And wedges are usually more comfy.
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Another I quite like is

 Spikes are so edgy, although potentially dangerous if you accidentally back into someone. I guess no pain no gain!
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