Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nail Art Tutorial- Autumn Mood

Hey guys so I tried out the ombre nail art you use with the sponge. And I added my own little touch with a layer of glitter nail polish as well as sequins.

It does look very dramatic, but I never aim for subtle nails. I think if you take the effort to do you nails, why not make it fun and go the extra mile?

I chose 3 colours initially, a purple, metallic, and a clear pink glitter one. It is better to have a base coat, I chose a black colour,  and carried out the 'dabbing' (stamping? you get the idea) over it. When dried, I painted the glitter polish over it again, giving it a subtle tint. Next I used a sequince nail polish over the top part of the nail two times ( waiting for first layer to dry before painting) , this is so that I get maximum cluster of sequins.

I will be uploading a video soon so hope that helps :)

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