Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Palette- Review

Before Christmas I treated myself to a very alluring eye palette, the Bobbi Brown Black Pearl eye palette. I was caught by the makeup counter assistant lusting after the pretty packaging and palette. She told me it was limited edition, and will sell out quickly if I was to miss my chance. SO I bought it....But, it didn't sell out. I'm still glad I bought it though.

What first caught my eye was the pretty packaging, so pink and so girly, as the name suggests.

The palette itself contains shades suitable for smokey eye, and perhaps more evening orientated
The grey shades can be worn by themselves, and during the day. The almost black shade and glittery one can be used to create the smoldering evening look. These shades are very versatile, as they can used with almost any colour for blending in or accentuating. I found layering the black shade with urban decay palette made a very strong staying power makeup.

Not to mention the brush that came with the set, has a thin flatline side, that can be used to outline and accentuate eyes. There's also a mirror inside the palette, so for nights out, it can be put into purses for touchups throughout the night.

Overall, I find the palette more suited for night time, but the grey and white shades can be used during the day for daytime smokey eye.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Jeffrey Campbells-Lita

I was so excited to receive my Jeffrey Campbells today!! I ordered the Lita Taupe Suede pair, and I was so scared the shoes would have to be returned. So with as much enthusiasm as a little kid opening their present from Santa ( this is actually a 'Christmas present' for myself) I tore open the wrapping, and put the shoes on. I'm going difficult times at the moment and it brought me out of the grey a little.

Below is a link to web if you want to have a browse at their other styles:

They are probably the comfiest platforms I have ever tried on! Ok so I haven't wore them outdoors yet, but so far on flat ground, I am impressed with the comfort. It's true that the ankle part was a little big, so thick ankle socks might help. But overall I am glad with the purchase. I will update with more pics later :)

Merry christmas!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


To maintain flawless skin, work needs to be done on the outside as well as the inside. When I say work on the inside, I'm referring to small lifestyle habits like eating fruit and veg to boost nutrients inside your body. Meanwhile, taking supplements such as multivitamins etc will help further the effects. A lot of people don't realize that you really do become what you eat. So try to maintain a healthy intake of water, vegetables and fruit.

Some supplements explained:

Hair, nail, skin care supplements should improve the strength of nails and hair, making them less prone to breakage. While skin should become more smooth and less brittle.

Collagen supplements renews dead cells in our body, it improves skin elasticity as well as pumps out sunken skin.

HTP tablets helps with sleeping, it can also aid weight loss by improving sleeping patterns.

For those living in the UK, supplement can be purchased from:
They usually do a range of offers so it's worth having a look.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nail Art- Autumn Trend ( Better View)

Coloured Hair

I dyed my hair again, but this time I had to dye it twice because first time had too many patchy, ginger looking colours all over my head.

This is my colour ( I was shopping and I wanted to see the effect store lighting had)

New hair colour- achieved without bleaching
The colour is very bright, compared to the effect of just one dye. I suppose it's less damaging because I don't bleach it. Nevertheless, my hair is extremely dry.

I am currently looking for good shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, so far I bought some Khiel's olive  oil shampoo and conditioner. I am also waiting for my Moroccanoil to arrive,as some deep treatment is needed.

Nail Art Tutorial- Autumn Mood

Hey guys so I tried out the ombre nail art you use with the sponge. And I added my own little touch with a layer of glitter nail polish as well as sequins.

It does look very dramatic, but I never aim for subtle nails. I think if you take the effort to do you nails, why not make it fun and go the extra mile?

I chose 3 colours initially, a purple, metallic, and a clear pink glitter one. It is better to have a base coat, I chose a black colour,  and carried out the 'dabbing' (stamping? you get the idea) over it. When dried, I painted the glitter polish over it again, giving it a subtle tint. Next I used a sequince nail polish over the top part of the nail two times ( waiting for first layer to dry before painting) , this is so that I get maximum cluster of sequins.

I will be uploading a video soon so hope that helps :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012