Thursday, 20 December 2012

Jeffrey Campbells-Lita

I was so excited to receive my Jeffrey Campbells today!! I ordered the Lita Taupe Suede pair, and I was so scared the shoes would have to be returned. So with as much enthusiasm as a little kid opening their present from Santa ( this is actually a 'Christmas present' for myself) I tore open the wrapping, and put the shoes on. I'm going difficult times at the moment and it brought me out of the grey a little.

Below is a link to web if you want to have a browse at their other styles:

They are probably the comfiest platforms I have ever tried on! Ok so I haven't wore them outdoors yet, but so far on flat ground, I am impressed with the comfort. It's true that the ankle part was a little big, so thick ankle socks might help. But overall I am glad with the purchase. I will update with more pics later :)

Merry christmas!

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