Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kpop Girl Crushes

My list of Kpop girl crushes-  just for fun! ( Please note these pictures are not mine, and this is just my personal views :) )
  • Goo Hara ( Kara)
 She has often been labelled with 'elementary school kid's body' but I think Goo Hara has such a perfect waist. I mean everything is just so toned and flat! In fact, all of Kara members have the perfect waistline, which I can only assume is due to their diet plans and regular exercises routine. Her adorable personality makes her my favourite Kara member.

  • Tiffany ( Girls Generation)
 I feel like Tiffany, along with the rest of Girls Generation have become even more pretty with time. After watching ' Girls Go To Shool' Tiffany has become one of favourites with her personality and determination. I was really impressed with all the member's preserverance. Some people may not realise the hard work they put in to become where they are now.

  • Sunhwa ( Secret)
She's such a sweet and elegant girl. I like Secret a lot too but I only knew Secret through her at first. Her personality is also very different to what you expect from her, which makes me like her just alittle more.

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