Friday, 20 July 2012

Thank god it's friday tips !


Weight Loss

A lot of girls are using unhealthy means to lose weight fast, such as diet pills, starvation and even resorting to throwing up food. Of course you would get lighter!That's what you want right?

BUT your body would have been severely damaged in the process. Your hormones disrupted. Fainting and blackouts could occur. Punishing your body is not the way forward!

Instead, eat healthily and exercise! I know you hear it a lot, but cutting down sugar, fatty oil etc in food WILL get you closer to a leaner body. Slow weight loss would mean the weight is off for a longer period than say crash dieting. You want to lose that weight for a lifetime, not to lose the weight through extreme means and then regain the weight a short while later.

Dieters should also be weary dieting without exercise will only result in muscle loss, not necessarily fat loss. So try to incorporate exercise into your plan if you haven't done so already.

Good luck girls!

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