Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty LOVE

Having seen many a korean celebs using pretty, feminine hand held mirrors, I instantly liked the idea. The idea of handheld mirrors is so kitsch and retro. I came across the 'sold out' Anna Sui, black handheld mirror.

The whole design is so pretty, so glam. The size is also travel perfect. I wish they were still instock.

Another I came across was on Stylenanda. This is my favourite retailer at the moment. Their models look fabulous, their products look fabulous, everything looks fabulous. I am in love with the whole site.

I would say Stylenanada is my inspiration at the moment for makeup, looks and attitude to things.

Unfortunately I am still looking for my perfect handheld mirror. Will update as soon as I find the perfect one!

Another new product I will be trying is the double eye lid tape. I do have double eyelids, it's just they are very near to my eyelashes, so they're not obvious. Previously, I didn't want to use them due to the sticky nature, and horror storries about saggy eye lids after using them. But I think it's time for me to give them a try. Will review them as soon as I  recieve them :)

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