Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Palette- Review

Before Christmas I treated myself to a very alluring eye palette, the Bobbi Brown Black Pearl eye palette. I was caught by the makeup counter assistant lusting after the pretty packaging and palette. She told me it was limited edition, and will sell out quickly if I was to miss my chance. SO I bought it....But, it didn't sell out. I'm still glad I bought it though.

What first caught my eye was the pretty packaging, so pink and so girly, as the name suggests.

The palette itself contains shades suitable for smokey eye, and perhaps more evening orientated
The grey shades can be worn by themselves, and during the day. The almost black shade and glittery one can be used to create the smoldering evening look. These shades are very versatile, as they can used with almost any colour for blending in or accentuating. I found layering the black shade with urban decay palette made a very strong staying power makeup.

Not to mention the brush that came with the set, has a thin flatline side, that can be used to outline and accentuate eyes. There's also a mirror inside the palette, so for nights out, it can be put into purses for touchups throughout the night.

Overall, I find the palette more suited for night time, but the grey and white shades can be used during the day for daytime smokey eye.

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